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Just Be You

Once again Ann Louise Ramsey creates her own distinctive brand of magical realism through digital imaging in “Just Be You.” Honey, the Cocker Spaniel, is the star of this quest for self esteem. She is surrounded by ducks, so naturally she tries very hard to be a duck. One day she looks in the mirror and sees someone very different. She begins to explore what makes her unique. Ramsey weaves the story into the enchanting illustrations with her trademark poetic charm and grace. The result is a timeless fable for all ages. Readers young and old alike will delight as Honey leaps off the page and grabs hold of their hearts. What a face! What a range of emotions! What an actress! Honey definitely has a future on the big screen. Join in this adorable pup’s crusade. Prepare to fall in love. I hope this is the start of many more Honey adventures to come.
Peggy Tibbetts and Midwest Book Review

Oh Ann, I can’t tell you how delighted I am with the book (Just Be You), Delaney (my granddaughter) is going to absolutely love it! Honey is such a beautiful cocker and her expressions make one feel so happy. I am so glad I found you. Anyway, I’d love to be able to help you anyway possible to get these books out to children – it is such a good message Honey gives, can’t tell you how it made me smile. Now days kids need all the encouragement they can get not to be a “duck” if you will. Absolutely positively love it. Now I’m going to try to save for a drawing of Rudy, my Cavalier – you do such beautiful work. I’ll be in touch – and thanks again Ann, it’s so nice to meet you!
Greenbank, WA

I bought 4 of these books (Just Be You) – one for me, one for each of my 2 nieces, and one for my mom’s 3rd grade class. They are wonderful! My 8 year old niece (who is not interested in reading in the least bit) shared it with her class a few weeks ago. My mom has read it to her class and it’s been passed around the school! My mom keeps asking if I could talk Ann and Honey into visiting the class. I can’t say enough good things about Ann’s work!
Souix Falls, SD
Zim Family Cocker Spaniel Forum

Me the Tree

Like Alvin Tresselt’s classic “The Dead Tree”, the life of a tree is the foundation for this parable about self-realization. Tucked inside its pinecone cocoon, the seed travels on the evening breeze to its new home in the meadow. With a lot of help from the rain, the pinecone breaks down and the seed is free to sprout. Deep in the meadow floor the sapling struggles to fulfill its destiny to become a tall tree. As it reaches toward the sun, the tiny tree provides shelter for wildflowers and birds. The tree also learns that rain and snow and wind are all necessary in order to grow strong. In fact it is through loving nature that the tree understands the true meaning of its own roots. Ramsey’s digital, enhanced photos are the perfect medium for illustrating both the power and sensitivity of nature. The pine cone’s deep blue eyes create a personality and an emotional attachment to the story. The eyes will certainly capture children’s attention – much like Hidden Pictures – while they hunt for them on each page as the sapling grows into a tree. And in turn the little tree’s story will open their eyes to the wonders of nature. Meanwhile adults will discover a poetic chronicle that reminds us what really matters in our lives. The universal theme of individuality gives Me, the Tree an enduring quality reminiscent of Douglas Wood’s “Old Turtle”. I recommend this book for all ages.
Peggy Tibbetts and Midwest Book Review

Dear Ann,
We found your book (Me, the Tree) at the public library and my 7 year old son fell in love with it! I did too! It is beautiful and inspiring! When we read the back cover, we were pleased to find out that you also live in Colorado. It was really neat for my son to find out that you live in the same place and wrote a book about the pine cone. We even made our very own “me the tree” pine cone with eyes and he carried it around for weeks. This book teaches not only children, but also parents, as the meaning is very deep and poetic. I am glad to see that there is now another book by you to discover. Please keep up this wonderful work!
Darlene and Daniel (Mother and Son)
Arvada, CO

Dear Ms. Ann Louise Ramsey,
My Grandfather bought me this book and I really enjoyed reading it. The book was “Me, the Tree.” It was like reading wonderful poetry of life. I also love your illustrations so, so much. I love the way you took pictures of living things and inserted them into your story. I also enjoyed the way everywhere the pine cones were featured, you placed the eyes. I thought that was really cool.
Alyssa Mueller, 11 years old
Staten Island, NY

I Cannot Sleep

Hi Ann,
I just read your new book and I love it! As a matter of fact I am going to buy one for my Grandsons. I think I should have you bring some more the next time you come to the pool. Why don’t you bring 6 more for now. Can you do me a favor and sign one for my grandsons. Their names are Brody, Gaige and Ryder. Thanks so much. See you soon.
Judy Myers, Sport Shop Manager
Glenwood Hot Springs
Glenwood Springs, CO

Honey the fun-loving Cocker Spaniel is back! We first met Honey in Just Be You where she discovered the joy of being herself. In her new adventure, Honey shares her Recipe for Joy. One night when she has trouble falling asleep, Honey’s imagination takes flight as she re-lives the joy and fun she experiences every day. Through Ann Ramsey’s action-packed verse readers feel all the excitement Honey feels as she chases the tennis ball, swims, dances, and sings her way through life. Ann’s amazing and delightful digital illustrations show the many moods and antics of this lovable little dog. As a special treat, bird watchers should keep their eyes open for Honey’s feathered friends on each page. A gallery at the end of the book identifies each bird with its picture in the story. A great teaching tool! Fall in love with Honey all over again in “I Cannot Sleep.”
Peggy Tibbetts and Midwest Book Review