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Just Be You

Honey the Cocker Spaniel thinks she’s a duck. . .because that’s what she’s been told by the “others”. . . who just happen to be ducks! But secretly, Honey asks “Who can I tell that I am not what you see?” and the mirror replies “You can tell me!” Share Honey’s delightful journey of self-discovery in Ann Louise Ramsey’s magical children’s picture book Just Be You.

Magical realism comes to mind when reading Ramsey’s book. Inspired by her love for Honey, her Cocker Spaniel, along with her talent as a photographer and imaginative work in Photoshop, Ramsey has created “magically real” images to complement her Dr. Seuss style story-poem resulting in an enchanting book. With captivating images to match this simple, yet profound message, Just Be You will find its way into many hearts for years to come.

40 pages, 8.5″ x 11″ Hard Cover with Dust Jacket
ISBN: 978-0-9645663-5-4

Me, the Tree

Struggling to know its true self, one lone pine cone, in a forest of many, searches for an open meadow “where no tree lived before” in order to become the magnificent pine tree that lives within. Through “patient believing,” this tiny pine cone fulfills its destiny as a tree and ultimately falls in love with all of life in Ann Louise Ramsey’s children’s picture book Me, the Tree.

An inspiring tale about the power of believing in one’s self, this insightful tale about patience and perseverance comes to life through enchanting images that capture nature’s beauty and gentle simplicity. Inspiring and uplifting, Me, the Tree connects readers with life itself through validation of our own individuality and serves to remind us of the divinity that lives within us all.

40 pages, 8.5″ x 11″ Hard Cover with Dust Jacket
ISBN: 978-0-9645663-4-4

I Cannot Sleep

It’s time for bed, but Honey the Cocker Spaniel cannot sleep. Her imagination is just waking up and so begins her fun-filled adventures of doing all those favorite things she loves to do. “I fly. . .I dance. . .I swim. . .I sing and find success in all these things!” proclaims Honey. . .“while lying here secure in bed she adds, laughing out loud. Honey is a small dog with a BIG imagination and the more she thinks, the more she does and. . .“FUN is the goal!” For this happy dog, it is the simple pleasures in life that give her joy – a great reminder for us all.

An added bonus is the variety of birds incorporated into the book’s illustrations. Then at the back of the book there is a pictorial list of “Birds in the Book” which serves as an educational and fun way to introduce children to the world of birds by matching up the bird pictures with those in the story.

40 pages, 8.5″ x 11″ Hard Cover with Dust Jacket
ISBN: 978-0-9645663-7-8

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